Cédric Adjih
email: Cedric[dot]Adjih[at]inria[dot]fr
Research Scientist
Hipercom Project-Team
INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt

Short Bio

Cedric Adjih is currently a researcher in the Hipercom team. He received his PhD diploma in 2001 from Versailles University (France). He graduated from ECP (Ecole Centrale de Paris) in 1994.

His research interests include performance evaluation, design and implementation of mobile ad-hoc networks, quality of service, queueing theory, autoconfiguration, security issues, and network coding.

He contributed to several European and RNRT projects, including Catserver, Brain, PRIMA.

He was main technical lead for the MANET demonstrator in the industrial collaboration between Hipercom and CELAR (research center of the French Ministry of Defense), which was also part of the INSC, a multi-national R&D project of eight NATO nations.

Cedric has worked on aspects of Mesh Networking within 802.11 task group "s" (with contributions to the 802.11s draft in 2005). He is co-author of the OLSR protocol (RFC 3626).